Your First Year on Us!

MedPointe is completely free for 12 months. If your practice is happy with it, after 12 months you'll pay $399/provider/month. No commitments, no ads, and no credit card required!

First 12 Months

Full-featured system, no credit card required! You'll get a complete EHR and PMS completely free for 12 months! Included features: Complete EHR, PMS, Patient Portal, e-Lab, eRX, and Document Management. All the features you need!


After 12 months continue using the same system - only now, we'll ask for a credit card and bill you monthly.

A La Carte

Additional features that can be added at any time include:

Data Migration (see below)
EPCS ($25/provider/month)
RCM (see below)
ZoomVisit ($100/provider/month)

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Data Migration?

Every extra click and every extra keystroke is time away from patients and time stolen from your life. A busy doctor cannot afford extra clicks, unnecessary keystrokes and having to wait for the next window to appear. Optimized physician workflow saves you time, keeps your office efficient, and adds more to your bottom line and gives you your life back.

What Is Included in the First Year Free?

The first 12 months gives you everything included in the Standard package above. Use it absolutely free for a full year. You don't have to give us a credit card, there are no pop-up ads, and no commitment. After 12 months, you'll be required to provide a credit card and be billed at the Standard rate. This offering is for single location, primary care practices only.

What About Multi-Location / Specialty Practices?

We'll need more information to evaluate pricing for your practice.

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Is Revenue Cycle Management Available?

Yes! Our certified billing department has a collection rate that is 98.5%, which is unheard of in the industry! We work hard to go after every penny that you work for. Our billing services rate is 5% of collected revenue and the standard fees above are waived. Some restrictions apply.

What's the Catch?

There's no catch! This isn't a gimmek. You can self enroll and begin using the product absolutely free immediately. The system is intuitive, easy to learn, and self-explanatory. We're so convinced that you'll love it that you're going to continue using it (and pay us) after 12 months. All we ask is that if you love it, you tell others about it.

What About Non-Standard Features?

This is a fully functional, complete EHR and PMS. Other optional features are available (listed in A La Carte above).

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"My staff was very glad that I switched EMRs."
- Bruce Hira, MD