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Physician workflow made easy

We help doctors be doctors and not clerks.

Every extra click and every extra keystroke is time away from patients and time stolen from your life.  A busy doctor cannot afford extra clicks, unnecessary keystrokes and having to wait for the next window to appear.  Optimized physician workflow saves you time, keeps your office efficient, and adds more to your bottom line and gives you your life back.

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Configurability/Ease Of Use

Because the program was designed by physicians working together with a workflow specialist, it boasts the most intuitive user interface you will find in any EMR. The screens are easy to read. The operation flows according to your workflow. It isn’t difficult to do the tasks you routinely do, and you don’t have to constantly wait for another window to open. The program is used by primary care providers and a wide range of specialists. It is highly configurable.

“This program is miles ahead of the competition in terms of ease of use.” – – – G.P., MD

Complete System

MedPointe is a complete, certified EHR. Coupled with our practice management program, Practice Made Perfect, it is a full, all-in-one workflow solution.

Testimony from an actual Office Manager.

Customer Success

HST is a service-oriented company, relentlessly pursuing excellence in customer satisfaction.

“When I went into private practice, I started with EMR. I can tell you from experience that no matter what product you choose, there will be glitches, so you better choose a company that will be there for you. HST was always there when I needed them. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I’m glad I chose a company that walked me through it.” – Bruce Hira, MD