Intelligent Text Generation

What is Clinical Intelligence – and what does it do for me?

In a word, plenty. Medpointe has a very unique clinical intelligence engine that actually learns how you document and how you treat patients.  Before you begin documenting a visit, it searches previous visits, looking for the one with the closest “multi-dimensional digital fingerprint”.  That basically means, it finds a visit you’ve already done, that is the closest to the one you’re about to do, and it uses that as a starting point.  

You will be amazed at how much detail the system starts with and how little you actually have to change each visit. You get a complete, accurate note with extraordinarily little effort!

Unlike traditional EMR’s that are “template-based”, Medpointe does not simply copy and paste a “blob” of text that requires significant editing.

It’s constantly learning. That means how you document your history, review of systems, examination and how you treat your patients is remembered, requiring less and less clicks as you use the system.

This process significantly reduces time and clicks required of a physician to document a visit.  It makes it possible for providers to complete their note in the exam room while improving doctor-patient interaction. It eliminates the need for speech recognition or excessive typing(although you may still use it if you like).

Through the use of Clinical Intelligence, Medpointe allows you to spend your time with your patients, not with a computer.  Want to see it in action?  Click here for a brief demonstration.

Less clicks is better!