Meaningful Use

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Our workflow makes it easy to comply. There are typically no additional steps needed, and where there are, it’s as simple as checking a box or clicking a button. It really couldn’t be any simpler.

Our Meaningful Use Analyzer allows you at any time, with just a few clicks, to see how you are doing in regards to the requirements. View your grade on the requirements, making it easy to address the areas where you are sub-par.” Medpointe was developed by Health Systems Technology, Inc.  

Version 13 was certified under the most recent (2015 CURES) edition requirements on 2/16/2023 by the Drummond Group, LLC.

Certificate #

Modules Tested:
170.315 (a)(1-5, 9, 12, 14-15); (b)(1-3, 10); (c)(1-3); (d)(1-9, 11-13); (e)(1, 3); (f)(1, 5); (g)(2-7, 9-10); (h)(1)

Clinical Quality Measures tested:
2v6; 50v5; 68v6; 69v5; 122v5; 125v5; 130v5; 138v5; 165v5

Additional software used:
NLM AccessGUDI API, Surescripts Clinical Direct Messaging

This Complete EHR is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


The following costs apply: Per Provider License Fees (monthly), Setup & training fees, Data Migration (optional).  Software maintenance and support requires a recurring monthly fee. Setup & training, interface, custom setup fees are one-time.  Software maintenance and support includes cloud network, customer support, ongoing maintenance, updated databases costs.

No additional software purchases are required to utilize standard Medpointe functionality.  However, additional costs may be incurred to utilize non-standard interfaces or optional functionality.  There are no additional costs for the features & capabilities required for Meaningful Use. The pricing listed on the proposal includes all of the software functionality required for Meaningful Use attestation.

An executed contract is required to use Medpointe. A contract does not limit the use of certified capabilities. There are no business policies or practices that may cause limitations in the implementation or use of certified capabilities.  It is not necessary for the user to engage with a third party or enter into agreements with a third party to utilize certified capabilities.


Pursuant to HST’s security policy, the Direct messaging capability is restricted and users will be unable to exchange messages with users of third-party HISPs with whom Surescripts does not have a trust agreement.

Staying on Top of Government Regulations Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. MedPointe makes it so easy, you won’t even have to think about it!