Patient care from anywhere


Telemedicine lets you conduct a virtual appointment with a patient without requiring the patient to leave their home. HST has partnered with Zoom, the leader in teleconferencing technology, to provide an integrated healthcare solution that seamlessly integrates with your workflow.

In this time of global crisis, MedPointe allows you to provide reassurance to your patients, deal with potential cases of COVID-19, treat acute issues and follow-up care on chronic problems. The suite of features allows you to send out text or email messages to a select group of patients (or even all of them!), direct them to a page where they can self-schedule an appointment based on your availability.

Online intake and consent forms

These help you capture accurate information that flows automatically into your documentation – information that neither you nor your staff had to enter.

At a time when patients are leery of leaving home, why should their care – or your bottom line – suffer? Convert patient phone calls into billable visits. Document telemedicine visits with a few clicks. Refill medications. The only thing missing is the physical examination and in-person contact.

We can help you fill your schedule with telemedicine visits. That means during this crisis, your revenue doesn’t have to go down; it can actually go up!

Like everything we do, less clicks is better!